Revenue will be used to help fight prejudice and discrimination towards, the disabled, people
from minority ethnic groups and people in the wider community.


Vaccines Developed To Prevent Covid 19

A Number Of Vaccines Are Being Tested To Find Out Which Is Best To Keep People Safe And Healthy
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Joe Biden Wins 2020 US Presidential Election

Mr Biden Surpasses The 270 Electoral College Votes Needed To Claim The Presidency
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70% Of Women Report Pressure From Increasing Childcare Due To COVID, New Research Reveals

Gender Stereotypes Are Being Reinforced After Years Of Hard Work To Remove Them
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Campaign For Free School Meals Gathers Pace

Local Organisations And Councils Ass Their Support To Marcus Rashford's Campaign
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UK Employment – Green Shoots As White-Collar Vacancies Rise Again

UK Economy Begins To Show Signs Of Improvement After Pandemic
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NHS Launches Covid 19 Track And Trace App

App Lets People Know Whether They Have To Self-Isolate
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St Helens Town AFC

St Helens Town AFC pre-season game versus Barnoldswick Town


Story To Cover?

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Our prices follow the NUJ guidelines.

Prices for story creation

£43.75 per 100 words
£30.00 per hour

Advertising Cost

£25.00 per month for any advertising
or marketing involved in the stories

People on benefits, low incomes or disabled

£29.99 per 100 words
£20.00 per hour

Advertising Cost

£15.99 for any advertising.


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Writing news, sports and current affairs stories.


Throughout my career I have gained experience through different work placements with reputable media companies such as the BBC, Granada, Radio City, Key 103 etc. Whilst on these placements I went on different reporting assignments and have gained experience in how I should act when in different situations reporting on certain stories. I am using the experience I have gained to help me in my self employment to build up my portfolio of work. I have reported on various issues to do with disability, equality and diversity as these are niche topics and are not covered in as much detail as they should be by mainstream news companies. By covering these topics in more detail I hope to promote the fact that everyone should be given equal opportunities to succeed in what ever they do no matter what their age, gender sexuality, ethnicity is. I also cover issues to do with hate crime as people should not be discriminated against or suffer from prejudice because of the issues I have mentioned before.

RECORDING VT FOOTAGE2020-11-10T13:58:33+00:00

When I go out to report on different issues, I record audio and VT footage which I can then edit and insert in to a report or package before I publish it. I have substantial experience in doing this which I gained through out my education and past work placements. This has prepared me well for gaining further work in the industry as I know how to carry out reporting tasks that will aid me in publishing future news stories.

EDITING PRINT NEWS2020-11-10T13:59:29+00:00

I have experience in using many different kinds of digital editing software packages to help me proof read, edit and publish print news stories. This includes using programs such as Quark Express which is industry standard software and helps me produce high quality, professional looking newspaper, magazines and leaflet pages. Since I have quite a lot of experience using software such as this, I am confident in using it to produce high quality pieces of work.

EDITING BROADCAST NEWS2020-11-10T13:59:59+00:00

I have substantial experience in using many different pieces of digital editing software packages to edit and publish broadcast news. This includes using programs such as Avid Express, Final Cut Pro, Electronic News Production System (ENPS) etc. This has helped me feel confident in knowing what I have to do when I need to edit and publish a professional, broadcast news package.


I have experience in writing news scripts for broadcast which I gained through my education and work placements. I am able to produce a high quality news script that is adequate for a professional news bulletin.


I have substantial experience in writing news stories for web sites as I have my own blog and have produced and published many stories. I have also worked with a number of other news companies and web sites to help them produce and publish news stories on various topics.


I have experience in producing interview questions and interviewing people for the stories I publish as when I go out on reporting trips or conferences, I arrange further interviews with people to get extra information for the stories I work on.

VOX POPS2020-11-10T14:01:46+00:00

I am able to create singular vox pop questions so I can get the information I need to work on and edit a news story.


I have experience in working in the gallery during news bulletins which I gained throughout my education and news placements. I am able to work a lighting desk, sound board, vision mixer etc. I can also edit in camera to ensure a smooth broadcast which looks professional.